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Ingredient Transparency

Ever wondered what disinfectants are made of, picked up a product, read the back of the pack and still didn’t quite understand what these ingredients are and what purpose they serve? Well, this one's for you

What does it mean to be transparent?

At Dettol, we believe it’s not enough to be just honest about what our products contain, but we must be transparent too.

What ingredients are in our products? How can we phrase them in the most consumer-friendly terms? What is the purpose of these ingredients? Here are some of the questions we aim to take off your chest.

Why is transparency important?

We believe in proactively choosing to be transparent about our product ingredients so we can give you the whole story about what you are bringing into your home and using around your loved ones.


We are immensely proud to introduce ingredient transparency information on some of our product packaging and product description pages on our website. We approach our ingredients by breaking them into buckets by functionality to make comprehending our ingredients a breeze. Here’s an example.

So what do we pack in our products?

Antibacterial & virucidal actives for superior germ protection

Depend on us for trusted germ defence. For nearly a century, we’ve produced high-quality products which fight pathogens and harmful microorganisms that can be found on hands, bodies, fabrics and surfaces. We use germ kill actives such as Hydrogen Peroxide, lactic acid, citric acid and more to help keep your family safe against harmful bacteria & viruses.

Learn more about the science behind our active agents here: Science and Innovation

Powerful Cleansers

Cleansers work overtime to eradicate dirt, grease and grime. Using a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients that we have created, our cleansing ingredients generate suds and rich lathers that assist to banish your disinfection troubles and makes your cleaning experience a breeze.

Additional Helpers

Ingredients classed as ‘helpers’ aim to bring ingredients together to create a look, texture and performance that meets your expectations. Helpers include binders, opacifiers, preservatives and bulkers  to deliver the product usage experience that you know, love and trust.

Spritz of Fragrance

Our products are blended with consumers' favourite scents, and tested meticulously to ensure they always delight the masses. We use scent as a sensorial cue to indicate that our body, surfaces and clothes are clean. Composed of essential oils or partly synthetic ingredients - our fragrances do not disappoint.

Kind moisturisers

For our personal care products, moisturisers are used to protect, hydrate and nourish the skin. These emollients ensure the cleaning and disinfection actives never dry out your hands and body, but rather leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

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