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How to clean your electronics at home

Keep your electronics at home hygienic with these simple steps.

Keeping a house hygienically clean is a challenge, because some areas – like your cellphone – are often overlooked. Your cellphone, along with your television remote, game controllers and even switches don’t always get the attention they need when it comes to cleaning.

Cleaning and disinfecting electronics is a useful step in helping to protect your family against illness causing pathogens. Performing this task helps to ensures that high-touch surfaces like phones, laptops, and chargers aren’t infested with bacteria and viruses.

Keep your home germ-free with these simple steps


  • Remove batteries or turn the appliance off to ensure you don’t damage the gadget.
  • First, clean the surfaces to remove any contaminants, dust and grime. You can do this by wiping them with a cloth that has been slightly dampened with soap-infused water.
  • Then apply a disinfect to the surface using either disinfectant wipes like Dettol Surface Cleansing Wipes or a cloth that has been sprayed with a disinfectant spray.

Children’s electronic toys

  • Dip a piece of cloth in detergent with water, squeeze well, and wipe the toy. To take it a step further, use another cloth to wipe the entire surface with antiseptic.
  • To remove any excess detergent, use a cloth dipped in clear water to wipe the toy once again.

Your Cellphone or tablet

  • Ensure that you remove any cases or covering your gadget has.
  • Clean the screen, buttons, corners and other places where lint and dust often settle.
  • To disinfect, moisten a soft cloth in water that is infused with a disinfectant liquid.

Tips to keep in mind

  • Be careful not to accidentally spill a cleaning product on your electronic device. Know what you should do if this situation occurs.
  • Avoid spraying a disinfected directly onto the device.

Now that you know how to keep your electronics hygienically clean, click here to find out what other advice you can implement to maintain good hygiene in your home.

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